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For more than 25 years, VIP Automotive Solutions offers you peace of mind motor vehicle valuations and specialised secure vehicle storage solutions.  

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How long does it take for the Valuation inspection take?

The Valuation will approximately take 30 minutes on site, per vehicle. The reports and photographs are then emailed to the office where they are prepared by the Valuation Officer then emailed directly to the customer on completion.


Who are the Inspection Officers?

Our inspection officers are trained professionals who perform each inspection passionately, as if looking at the car for themselves. Backgrounds vary from qualified motor mechanics, panel beaters, spray painters, concourse show judges, and restoration experts. Each inspection officer has more than 15 years’ experience in the automotive industry. We pride ourselves as specialists in Classic, Unique and Modern cars.


Can VIP Automotive Solutions verify or authenticate a car?

No. VIP Automotive Solutions does not verify or authenticate vehicles as being genuine, whether they are, or are not. We are happy to collect all the relevant information from the compliance plates, body stamping, and engine numbers in the report. You as the owner will need to research and perform your own due diligence regarding the car's authenticity.


Will the value differ if I require a valuation for insurance or a family law matter?

No, the value of the vehicle will be determined by different contributing factors, regardless of the purpose of the Valuation.


Is the Valuation Officer recognised by Courts Australia?

YES - With more than 25 years’ experience our Expert Witness Valuation Officer is recognised by all Courts in Australia.


Can you tell me what my car will be worth in the future?

Unfortunately we are unable to predict what the future value of a vehicle will be.


How long does it take to have a Valuation completed?

Generally we undertake the valuation in approximately 48 hours. Our turnaround times vary depending on the volume of Valuations we are processing at any given time. If you require your Valuations back by a certain date, please notify of the time line at the time of booking.

Am I able to view the vehicle storage facility?

You can view the "Ante-Room" however "The Vault" is a private and secure facility and only accessible by our staff.

Do you do Vehicle Inspections, Handover and Transport?

For all your Inspections, handover and transport requirements please contact Joe

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